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Perey Manufacturing and Warranty

Manufacturing Methods and Facilities

Perey Turnstiles has made the highest commitment to the turnstile industry. We have built the first turnstile plant that takes maximum advantage of production automation. These technologies have allowed us to improve our quality control and, consequently, overall product quality and lead times. Our warranty has increased from one-year to five years.

Lubrication and Maintenance

Perey Turnstiles is unique in the industry in having average service lives across product lines of approximately 37 years. During that time, only lubrication is required on all three and four arm waist high turnstiles every 18 months. Typical Passimeter Mean Cycles Between Failures are in excess of two million cycles. Roto-Gate maintenance requirements are similarly infrequent depending on the site environment. Our products are designed to accommodate for wear via adjustment points rather than replacement parts making Perey Turnstiles the least expensive turnstiles to own.


Perey includes a five year warranty on all turnstiles and Roto-Gates (copies of our warranty are available upon request). Parts and service are available for any equipment manufactured by Perey Turnstiles since 1913. All new equipment will be supported by spare parts and service for a period of not less than fifty years after date of shipment.