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Model 107

The same uniquely upgradable mechanism as the Model 110. A cabinet design with more character and directionality that can fit into the most beautiful of "flag ship" transit stations. The unique mechanism control upgradability insures that this capital investment will serve the authority for its typical service life of 35 years.

Model 107 — Short Form Specification
Weight: Fixed 420 lbs. Net – 495 lbs. Crated
COVER AND Upper CABINET: One piece welded cabinet of ANSI #304 stainless steel, .109" thick. 0.135" thick continuous hinged top cover.
Two Legs: 0.109" thick steel with 0.187" thick vault door. Internal self locking money vault for captured tickets or tokens.
Mechanical Mechanism: Ratchet of 1" x 6.5" machined cast iron. Use aided by springs of 0.175" dia. spring steel. Motion stabilized by large rotary shock absorber and ´" thick cast iron two-lobe cam. Self Centered by ´" thick steel compression shoe.
Electronic Unlocking Controls: One continuous-duty rated 24VDC solenoid with
620% of required strength. Solenoid operates for 45 milliseconds per
passage. All unlocking elements mechanical. No time relays or transformers.
Upgradable from
HUB: Grey cast iron, taper pin mounting.