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Model 48-OmniScan

The Model "48-OmniScan" is the first production-level ticket scanning turnstile designed from the ground up for reading any bar coded ticket and to be so easy to use that ‘SELF-SERVICE" ticket scanning can be a reality.

The Model "48-OmniScan" is designed to interface with any automated ticketing system and to allow field upgrading of internal control electronics so one can use it for decades despite changing ticketing systems.

The scanner head assembly hides and protects the scanner and serves as a handle for movement of portable units. This turnstile uses a scanning technology that will allow the use of tickets of virtually any size and on any paper stock including bar-coded wrist bands! All we need is a bar code that is printed well enough to be read (i.e., if the bar code is missing bars, it is not readable at all).

Model 48-OmniScan — Short Form Specification


Technical Documentation

We are currently in the process of updating our documentation for this product. If you need documentation, please contact us.